Softlanding Ltd is a Ghanaian company rooted in the Ghanaian hospitality culture. Softlanding has been established to provide professional support to travellers to and from Ghana. Coming from a background of professional Public Relations and Investor Relations practice and with expertise in the travel industry, Softlanding delivers efficient services to ensure that our clients are able to travel to Ghana and work effectively without unnecessary hassle

Akwaaba is the warm Ghanaian word (Akan Language) for welcome, and Softlanding kicks Akwaaba into action as soon as it becomes involved in facilitating client travel and settling into Ghana

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The Center for Development and Intercultural Communication (CEDIC) is a non-governmental, not for profit organization. It was established in 1998 to highlight the role that communication can play in development and provides support for such communication efforts.

CEDIC’s work is guided by the philosophy that information and knowledge or ideas are richer when shared and can enrich human lives. The Ghanaian cultural symbol “Tsir Kor Nko Agyina”, depicting three heads, expresses this orientation. The symbol signifies the fact that wisdom or good counsel is not found in one head (a single individual).

CEDIC believes that development, information and knowledge or ideas become more useful when shared with different groups of people in a culturally sensitive manner.

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Nearly two decades, in providing communication service to individuals and organizations, Stratcomm Africa has come to the realization that many organizations are not able to realize their bottom line as a result of issues with low capacity among their human resources with regard to soft skills.

Skillhive provides training orientation and facilitation services to organizations in the public and private sectors, local and international as well as for individuals. More and more, organizations are recognizing the import of investing in the talents of their Human Resources to enable them achieve their organizational goal and objectives.

Skillhive develops and employs tailor made training tools and approaches to meet the needs of its clients and works hand in hand with them to realize individual and organizational goals.

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Vintage Events


The best events are those that tell a story; your story! At Vintage Events and Production, we believe that every event should be a detailed expression of an individual or group’s brand image or personality, leaving a lasting impression that is rooted in what the client is seeking to communicate.

A great event is created through collaboration; we therefore take ample time to get to know our clients in order to build positive and open relationships with them and represent them adequately through event execution.

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Word of mouth


Word of Mouth is an advertising agency with a knack for creating bigger things than we can imagine. We believe the only limitation to imagination and creativity is execution, this is why our final output means a lot to our existence.

We are curious, just like when we were kids, but with more experience, systems and care, we approach each project with precision.

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