Getting The Message Down To Raise The Bottom-Line ...

Getting The Message Down To Raise The Bottom-Line ...

Getting The Message Down To Raise The Bottom-Line ...

Could we live in a society without communicating with one another?  It is hard to imagine what that society would be like.  We would simply not be able to function as a society.

One fundamental  need  of all human existence is communication and as a matter of fact each and every one of us shares the essential drive to communicate either with our families, groups, communities, businesses in both local and global contexts.

As simple as communication may seem, we can get lost in the meanining of the message being delivered to us if it is not done effectively. Thus,   effective communication is an essential element in our interactions and every field of human endeavour.

We may define communication simply as the exchange of information  between two parties where the message is understood and the appropriate response is given communication and work place productivity.

Communication plays an integral role in the success of any business and serves as a foundation for a healthy workplace.

Let’s imagine the workplace as a world of its own. How would targets be met without any systems or mechanisms for communication internally? How can a leader motivate his/her subordinates to implement their day to day tasks without communication? How can a manufacturing company or a service provider persuade consumers to purchase their products or services without communicating the benefits of their brand? Regardless of how simple communication can be perceived to be, it is important that individuals and businesses take a step back and appreciate the power of communication and the role it plays in the business and consumer life cycle. Businesses seeking to advance must learn to communicate their goals, beliefs, values and vision to their employees, to fully understand so that they can contribute towards the realization of the corporate vision.

The world is changing due to fast advancing technology and globalization. Businesses must endeavour to catch up with this fast pace by factoring communications into their operations. This will help businesses to communicate strategically and deliberately to stay on top of the minds of their stakeholders.

Successful businesses have embraced the use of communications as a strategic tool to advance the organizational agenda. This has implications for the bottom line. It is therefore important that communication is   not viewed as an afterthought but part of the organization’s strategic planning.

One communications agency that is specialized in using communications to enhance the reputation of organizations and the performance of businesses is Strategic Communications Africa Ltd. (Stratcomm Africa). With its head office established in Ghana in 1994,Stratcomm Africa was birthed out of the conviction to use communications to promote work place productivity and stakeholder engagement and relationship building for profitability.

As Ghana’s leading Total Marketing Communications agency, Stratcomm Africa has remained committed to staying on the cutting edge of communications, by developing creative indigenous communications strategies with global flair for all of its clients. The agency has worked with the majority of industry sectors ranging from Banking, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Aviation and Health, to Manufacturing, and mining among others.  Stratcomm Africa also provides support to development agencies through provision of professional communication services and products in social behaviour change.

For these clients, Stratcomm Africa has helped to develop positive messages and promoted the organizations’ products and services through the use of the most relevant mediums of communication to increase patronage hence increased profits and livelihood enhancement. . As a strategic partner to these clients, Stratcomm Africa continues to help them to successfully interact and engage with  clientele/customers on various media platforms. This contributes to positive feedback  and enhanced reputation for improved profitability.

Through careful analytical processes, Stratcomm Africa has worked with a number of organizations to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This  has helped to earn public good will and enhanced  image for these organizations. Think Focus, the tagline that guides the work of Stratcomm Africa ensures that the agency is analytical when diagnosing clients’ issues and detail oriented when carrying out any task. This approach has enabled the agency to develop the homegrown communications strategies that are tailored to fit the needs of its respective clients.  The wide range of services offered by Stratcomm Africa includes Brand Development/Brand Strategy, Corporate Communication Strategy Development, Reputation management, Crisis Management, Media Facilitation, , Research as well as Development Communications.

Over the years Stratcomm Africa has gained recognition as a professional communications company and has been acknowledged through numerous credible awards. Among these are the Christian Company of the Year, Best Entrepreneur in Media, AGI Award for Business and Promotion Consultancy Services of the Year, and PR Company of the Year (2013/ 2014) respectively.  In addition, two clients of the Company, AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) and Ghana Electrometer (GEM) were recognized as PR Organization of the Year, Extractive Industry and PR Organization of the Year – Manufacturing respectively at the 2013 PR Excellence Awards Ceremony.

There is a difference that Stratcomm Africa brings which is worth experiencing for corporate benefit.Your business may be under performing due to ineffective use of communication. Professional help is required in such a situation. Stratcomm Africa offers a unique brand of communication solutions that has come to be known as the Stratcomm Africa difference.
Experience it.
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Stratcomm Africa

Stratcomm Africa is a total communications and reputation management agency that uses communication to enhance organizational performance. We specialise in the formulation and implementation of communication strategies for individuals as well as public, private and governmental institutions in both national and international contexts.