Turning Things Around for a Metering Solutions Company Through Effective Reputation Management
About Client / Project

A Ghanaian company, established in 2004, to provide integrated metering solutions the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Problem / Opportunity

In 2012, client was confronted with negative press attention involving a key stakeholder, which had huge implications for its reputation. To steer clear of damaging its operations in Ghana, the organisation determined it was in need of crisis communication and stakeholder management strategies, and as such. sought general Public Relations support.

Creative Solution / Strategies Used

Stratcomm Africa’s quick analysis of clients’s situation, its industry and business needs, informed the development of an incisive communications strategy to revamp their reputation and project the company and its contributions to the Ghanaian economy in a positive light. We recognised the importance of educating the public and other stakeholders about client; who they are, what they do and how they contribute to Ghana’s development. We also identified bridging the gap between client and its stakeholders as the starting point of developing long term relationships crucial to the realization of their organizational goals and corporate objectives.

With Oil and Gas discoveries in Ghana attracting both local and international attention, expectations rose, especially with regard to the power situation within the country. This contributed to close monitoring of Ghana’s power sector with a keen focus on industry players related to electricity distribution in Ghana. Taking this information into account ensured that the strategy not only focused on the company’s objectives but was suited to the dynamics of the industry. Our strategy involved the repositioning of client as a local company with technical competencies of international standards. This consisted of PR strategies focused on educating the public, creating knowledge about the meter industry and disseminating all this information through carefully selected channels of communication.

We guided client in the implementation of their Corporate Social Responsibility plans using the CSR policy we developed for them as a reference point. In order to promote the client brand outside Ghana, Stratcomm facilitated trips within Africa to educate stakeholders on client’s operations.. Social Media (a website) was also utilised as a channel to reposition client and enhance their brand image. The key elements of our Strategy (education, knowledge creation, stakeholder management, brand repositioning) run through the approaches implemented such as the website, CSR initiatives and media engagement, to ensure the development of a strong brand reputation for our client.

Outcome / Impact

Following our intervention, client revised its website, a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, several communication materials such as newsletters, brochures, factsheets, leaflets etc. and most importantly, long lasting relationships with its stakeholders. The development of radio announcements and newspaper adverts, served the double purpose of promoting our clients while educating stakeholders and creating knowledge about the industry. Team building sessions facilitated by Stratcomm Africa also improved clients’s internal relations and improved their efficiency.

As a Public Relations Company, we emphasize the importance of educating our clients on our work, in order to increase appreciation of Ghana’s public relations industry. Doing this contributed to a better appreciation of media relations for client. This in turn enhanced client’s engagements with their stakeholders and corporate clients, and improved customer understanding of prepayment metering. We ensured the development of a healthier brand for client as well as more professional reputation management approaches and we improved internal cohesion and communication processes for our client. We were also pleased that our work for client earned recognition at the 2013 Institute of Public Relations Awards as the PR Consultancy of the Year for the Manufacturing Sector.