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A Vision Pursued

Celebrating 20 Years of a Vision Pursued
It started in 1994, with an idea and a passion crystallizing into the vision of an entrepreneur. Esther Amba Numaba Cobbah, a Ghanaian communications specialist, believed that communications could play an important role in facilitating development in Ghana and Africa, generally. She observed that development projects were often undertaken without much communication between the project initiators, whether government, a development agency or a corporate body, without communication with intended beneficiaries in the relevant communities. There seemed more focus on the bricks and mortar than on the human mind through which the value of a development project had to be processed. Communication could make a difference, she was convinced!

Originally established as the Centre for Development and Intercultural Communication (CEDIC Ltd.), Strategic Communications Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa), started off in a small home office with a study table. It has grown from those small beginnings to emerge as a leader in Ghana’s communication industry located now in a modern office building in central Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

The company was thus established with the aim of facilitating development, promoting effective communication among corporates and their stakeholders and facilitating general harmonious coexistence.. Stratcomm Africa covers areas such as corporate communications, Research, Reputation Management, and Brand Management in addition to development communication. Stratcomm Africa’s communications expertise was soon widely appreciated by development agencies as well as governmental institutions, individuals and corporate bodies in Ghana, and before long our services extended across several industries such as Aviation, Telecommunications, Finance, Agriculture, Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, and the natural resource extraction industry.

The company’s tagline “Think Focus” explains the need to apply analytical thinking to all areas of work in order to focus on the main issues and desired results. Being a company that believes in growth and development, Stratcomm Africa is spreading out from deep local roots, using its international expertise and wide experience to expand into other countries on the African continent. In whatever context it is operating , Stratcomm Africa seeks to ensure that modern communication’s exciting methodologies and practices are culturally sensitive and applied effectively through close attention to Africa’s cultural settings.

Today Strategic Communications Africa is proudly 20 years old, and is celebrating an existence which has not only benefited over a 100 clients and provided employment for numerous people but has also contributed to the development of the communications industry in Ghana and to social and economic development of Ghana and the African continent at large.

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Esther Amba Numaba Cobbah

C.E.O. & Lead Consultant

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