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The Stratcomm Africa Group of companies ensures that all your needs are well taken care of. Our subsidiary companies draw on our wealth of cultural sensitivity and communications experience to make travelling to and from Ghana, and keeping your employees efficient and productive, easier for you.

Softlanding Ltd is a Ghanaian company rooted in the Ghanaian hospitality culture. Softlanding has been established to provide professional support to travellers to and from Ghana. Coming from a background of professional Public Relations and Investor Relations practice and with expertise in the travel industry, Softlanding delivers efficient services to ensure that our clients are able to travel to Ghana and work effectively without unnecessary hustle

Softlanding recognizes that traveling into different environments with totally different cultural and social backgrounds can be disorienting and challenging for many people. It is therefore important and helpful to have the assurance of a competent hand at your new destination ready to assist with the adjustment and navigation of the new context and culture.

Softlanding was born out of a deep knowledge about the challenges that some travellers particularly the business traveller to Ghana faces. Ghana is well known for its unique brand of hospitality and therefore for Softlanding no traveller into Ghana should be confronted with any unnecessary challenges but rather experience and enjoy the warm and fulfilling hospitality of the country and its people.

Softlanding also recognizes the importance of investors and tourists to Ghana’s development and sees the need to play a part in welcoming them warmly and giving them a soft landing into Ghana.

Akwaaba is the warm Ghanaian word (Akan Language) for welcome, and Softlanding kicks Akwaaba into action as soon as it becomes involved in facilitating client travel and settling into Ghana

Softlanding services include:

  • Meet and greet services
  • Immigration support
  • Transportation arrangement
  • Driver orientation
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Tour packages
  • Event management

Skillhive is a capacity building institution that undertakes training, orientation and facilitation for individuals and organizations. Skillhive is a subsidiary of Strategic Communications Africa (Stratcomm Africa).

Strategic Communications Africa is a total communications and reputation management organization. Nearly two decades, in providing communication service to individuals and organizations, Stratcomm Africa has come to the realization that many organizations are not able to realize their bottom line as a result of issues with low capacity among their human resource with regard to soft skills.

These include Communications Skills, Team Cohesion orientation, Customer Care orientation, Client Relations, Leadership Communications Skills etc. In a research undertaken to identify soft skill needs of Ghanaian employees, this observation by Stratcomm Africa was confirmed.

It is therefore not surprising that over the past several years, Stratcomm Africa has continued to receive request for enhancing the skills of employees including leadership who are keen to excel in their leadership role.

Skillhive is positioned to respond to these needs. Skillhive therefore provides training orientation and facilitation services to organizations in the public and private sectors, local and international as well as for individuals. More and more, organizations are recognizing the import of investing in the talents of their Human Resource to enable them achieve their organizational goal and objectives. Skillhive develops and employs tailor made training tools and approaches to meet the needs of its clients and thereby works hand in hand with them to realize individual and organizational goals.