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Every client is unique.
Some clients may have similar goals, but will never have the same needs. At Stratcomm Africa, we offer a wide range of services that we tailor to fit the needs of our respective clients. We take pride in our years of experience and proficiency in project-related services. Our emphasis on creativity and diagnostic approach to our work mean that all our solutions are a perfect, customized, fit.
Service Offerings

Corporate Communications and Reputation Management

We ensure that our clients develop and maintain effective relationships with both their internal and external stakeholders. At Stratcomm Africa we develop and implement communication strategies and plans, which facilitate the realization of client objectives to raise the bottom line and impact societies.

Communication Audit

For us at Stratcomm Africa, the effectiveness of our work or any communication input is its ability to impact productivity and profitability. This measurement of communication effectiveness is critical to our work.

We conduct communication audit to ensure compliance for reputation protection as well as effective impact on productivity and profitability. We also undertake monitoring and evaluation to ensure effectiveness of communication strategies, approaches and tools and also be able to demonstrate Return on Investment with regard to investment in communication.

Communication Advisory Services

At Stratcomm Africa, we do not work for clients, we work with clients. We provide guidance as to how to get the message down to raise your bottom line.

Our years of experience in reputation management, brand management, crisis communication and other important areas of corporate communication to help our clients to anticipate and manage issues they may face in their contexts. At Stratcomm Africa, we work and walk hand in hand with clients in taking business decisions and help you make business decisions which will have positive long term impacts.  We work with clients to increase productivity through getting the message down to get the work down for profitability by helping to get the message down to raise the bottomline.

Aside from setting up the necessary structures for getting the message down to raise the bottom line, we also provide guidance on innovative best practice business solutions.

Crisis Communications

The manner in which communication is handled in crisis situations has a huge impact on the organisation’s reputation and business success. Stratcomm Africa is to help maintain the safety and security of individual and organizational reputation. Thus we do not wait for crisis situations to happen before taking action. We are proactive in helping our clients preempt damaging their reputation in crisis situations. We plan to avoid reputation related crisis situations and plan for managing them if they happen. For us, crisis situations do not mean damaged reputations, but rather an opportunity for reputation enhancement.

Development/Community Communications (Community Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility)

At Stratcomm Africa, we combine our knowledge of local and international frameworks with an appreciation of our client’s business objectives to advise our clients on appropriate community impact programs, sponsorships, and support initiatives. We are also skilled at promoting culturally appropriate communications tactics to support public consultation efforts.

Media Relations/Media Management

Markets are highly competitive and there is a constant drive by organisations and individuals to be heard and also be effectively positioned for success. Media channels are employed to help achieve this.

Stratcomm Africa employs innovative approaches for working with the media for positive outcomes and puts these at the disposal of its clients. We not only help to get your message out through the media, we also monitor and analyse your performance within media space.

Brand Management and Advertising

Reaching audiences with a brand and maintaining brand presence with them is critical to corporate success. At Stratcomm Africa we appreciate that a brand is more than just a product or service and also that brand effectiveness is a shared meaning between an organization and its audiences. We therefore work with clients to creatively generate and maintain effective and enduring brands that resonate with their audiences and serve their corporate purposes.

Event Management

Stratcomm Africa takes pride in creating and delivering effective and enduring messages through the use of a variety of tools of communication. Our events go beyond décor and loud speakers, to establish meaningful expressions of our clients’ objectives and goals. We create self explanatory event concepts, which lay the foundation for the messages our client’s wish to send. Our consultants will make recommendations and advise on what will be complementary to your personal/corporate brand to ensure that your event sends a strong sustainable message.  Our events help you to secure your brand on the minds and hearts of your stakeholders

Personal Branding

Your personal brand defines the way people perceive you, feel about you and most importantly influences the way people interact with you.  It actually often determines what and how much you are able to get from any context in which you find yourself.   As reputation and brand management experts, we consider corporate and product brands as important as personality brands. We work with individuals to define and manage the brand that works best for them.  With expertise in non-verbal communication, psychology, branding and reputation management we have earned the confidence of CEO’s, public figures, celebrities etc desiring to establish project and communicate a strong brand presence and they attest to our effectiveness.


We work with you to determine what you need from the following:


  • Public Speaking orientation
  • Media Skills Training


  • Executive Branding
  • Brand Identity Development


  • Personal reputation management
  • Personal PR
  • Social Media Account Management
We also have very strong expertise in:
  • Media Engagement Training
  • Governmental Relations
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Business Promotion/Event Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Cross-Cultural Orientation
  • African Corporate Gifts
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Financial PR

Let us help.

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  • Great job!  We do appreciate your excellent delivery. We have no objection to the plan. Please, proceed with our blessings. Thanks.

    Okyeame Ampadu
    Community Engagement Specialist Tullow Oil
  • I appreciate all of your efforts and support on this project as you have really stepped up and are exceeding expectations. You represent Stratcomm well.

    Glen Stasiak
    Vice President of Construction The Conti Group
  • I want to commend you for a job well done. Everyone is as impressed as I am, especially our senior management, so I suspect you’ll be getting calls sooner than you think. And your team also did wonderfully well.

    Idowu O. Ejere
    Communication and Public Awareness Officer Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)
  • A very good job you did at such short notice too. Impressive delivery.

    Stephen Opong
    Barclays Bank Ghana
  • Thank you so much for all the hard work, Staff were happy and our customers were also happy…let us continue to work together and achieve our objectives for this year.

    Shola Safo-Duodu
    Barclays Bank Ghana
  • I wish to say thank you on behalf of GEM for your unflinching support with reference to the programme on CSI – Installation of street lights in KATH.

    Wilma Yadziwo Akafia
    Customer Support Services Executive Ghana Electrometer Limited
  • Thank you very much for the clippings and for the work very well done! I am very impressed with the coverage that you have reached.  I will start recommending Stratcomm Africa services to all my corporate clients from now on. Amazing job and keep it up in the future.

    Paulina Virr
    Country Director Oxford Business Group
  • We have been impressed with the high quality of professional services provided by the company.

    Essie Anno-Sackey
    Former Country Manager, British Airways Ghana