Our Story, Your Story: Kofi Dadzie

Whenever Kofi Dadzie, CEO of Rancard told his mother at the end of the school term that he had come first, she would respond “why weren’t you half?” Kofi explains that his mother meant well by consistently asking him this impossible rhetorical question. The question was indicative of the high standards of achievement in his home. Indeed, Kofi’s parents did not expect anything less than first, so attaining that position was “no big deal.” Kofi credits this early exposure to high standards with teaching him how to win and more importantly, how to overcome adversity when you don’t win.

Ms. Barbara Baeta, Founder, Owner, and Executive Chairman of Flair Catering Services

Our Story, Your Story: Barbara Baeta

For those of who have often been greeted on Saturday mornings by an array of cars along Tito Avenue and wondered where the party is, it’s at Flair! A sweet little lady with a deep passion and finesse for domestic management named Ms. Barbara Baeta established Flair Catering Services in 1968. She started her business from the basement of a relative’s home and by the Grace of God—forty-six years later—owns one of the most renowned and trusted catering services in Accra today. Flair is located in the prime area of Cantonments, which has allowed it to be a popular location for many of Accra’s esteemed celebrations. Not only does Flair offer its services for State Banquets and top Diplomatic events, but Ms. Baeta has extended her arm to young and enthusiastic individuals willing to tread her path by offering training services as well.

Our Story, Your Story: Prince Kofi Amoabeng

Frustration is an emotion we are all too familiar with. It has the ability to consume every morsel of our being and can turn the sweetest little angel into a ball of raging madness. It creates a powerhouse of energy within us begging to be unleashed. The million-dollar question is how exactly do we deal with this pent up energy? Do we burst at the seams with a thirst for destruction or do we harness this surge into a hunger for construction? In 1997, Prince Kofi Amoabeng was frustrated! Tired of being rejected, he conceptualized the idea of setting up a ‘finance house’ to provide timely and appropriate finance for businessmen like himself who were struggling to receive financial assistance from the traditional banking sector.